The modern production
of medical filters

Market field expectations in the production of the sterile products inspired us to diversify our forces into modern production lines for medical Meltblown filters with high safety properties. Bet with us on the newest medical products and technologies

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Special production


We have two modern production lines producing nonwovens with filtering properties of meltblown type up to a width of 160 cm, used in disposable medical masks.

High quality


Our machines have precise instrumentation, guaranteeing the highest quality and stability of work. Each element of the production process is subject to high-quality standards.

Instant execution


We are a close-knit team with extensive experience in production for the speciall needs of customers. We provide full logistics and distribution services.

Meltblown filters production

Our company has the newest technological lines for the production of Meltblown medical filters. We have a permanent, well-qualified staff of production workers and a constantly developing group of specialists - mechanics and engineers. Our achievement in business is full automation production of modern medical filters. Filtering fabrics are used in the production of disposable masks. Many years of our experience has resulted in a high level of specialization in the production of sterile products. For our production, we use the highest quality semi-finished products, only from proven suppliers of materials with safety certificates. Our company guarantees the reliability of the manufactured filter materials, as well as maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and production safety.

Disposable medical mask production

Due to the high demand for means of direct protection, the production of medical supplies for hospitals and individuals has developed significantly. Our experienced team of engineers has implemented a modern, ultra-sterile medical equipment production line for a disposable medical mask. We produce three-layer disposable masks with a Meltblown filter and three-layer masks with a non-woven filter. We can produce large quantities of hygienic masks under the customer company logo - OEM production. Our medical production lines are one of the modern in Central Europe. Our company implemented a special production safety system following the international ISO 13485 standards. Our success and knowledge are confirmed by many projects made for international production giants.