widzew łódź wybór zawodnika meczu

ET Promo charity checks
Heartbeat from football
to people hearts in need

Through an online vote after each home game, fans of Widzew Łódź football club can choose the best player of the game. Usually 2500-3000 people take part in the game and vote for the best player. The winner of the game receives a commemorative statuette and a large amount mponey in check, which he then donates to a charity of his choice. The winning players have repeatedly supported children's hospices, hospitals, orphanages, relief centres or animal shelters. The competition is very popular with football fans and at the same time allows players to comment directly on the pitch after the game and evaluate their individual performance. The best football player gets a unique chance to receive a prize that brings help and joy to people in need. We are proud to be involved in this great gesture and good cause together with a well-known sports club.