The overriding objective of the Quality Policy in E.T. Ewa Tomczak Company is to meet current and future expectations of our Customers and provide high quality retail packaging services of food and general merchandise, while ensuring its originality and health safety in accordance with ISO 9001 and BRC Food standards, legal regulations, as well as environmental protection rules, social norms, and best business practices. Thanks to our long-term experience in co-packing industry, our dynamically developing team, the constant improvement of infrastructure and machinery park, the Company strengthens its position on the local and foreign markets as a credible and reliable co-operator.


1. Maintaining and constant improvement of our Management System in accordance with the requirements of PN- EN ISO 9001 and BRC Food standards, and raising awareness, improving qualifications and skills of the employees through internal and external trainings.
2. Complying with standards of corporate social responsibility in line with the binding legal requirements and guidelines of external entities, including SMETA procedure by SEDEX organisation, and internal requirements such as Business Ethics Policy.
3. Maintaining of high level of trust by constant monitoring of satisfaction rates.
4. Selecting the best services and products suppliers and their regular evaluation.

5. Respecting the environmental protection rules, including the recycling policy and full use of raw materials in the processes, according to the binding law and company’s internal regulations, including the Management System and the Environmental Policy.
6. Maintaining high technical standards in the plant, with particular focus on safety, health, as well as hygienic and social conditions, based on the Occupational Health and Safety Policy.
7. Developing our infrastructure and machinery park due to finding new technological and technical solutions and regular investments.
8. Ensuring resources for the implementation of current and planned activities.


What ensures that our Quality Policy is implemented is focusing on Food Safety Culture and general awareness among our company’s employees that each of us is responsible for the quality of our services and that only continuous, effective, and efficient improvement paves the way for further development and guarantees high quality of packaged goods. On behalf of the whole team and of myself, I hereby declare that we know our Quality Policy and we are focused on implementing its objectives, improving and developing the Management System, performing periodic inspections of the system in order to constantly improve it, and that the Policy is available for all the interested parties.