We are experts in professional packaging of food and industrial goods.


In response to the growing interest of the market in packaging and confectionery services, the owner of the company, Mrs. Ewa Tomczak, a person with experience in a managerial position, familiar with the European market, filled the niche created in the Polish market. The company was located at 18 Dowborczyki Street, rented a warehouse with an area of 400 m2 and employed about 22 people. The company started cooperation with the international brand Gillette, with simple product labeling services.


The number of production employees increased to 30 per shift, which resulted in an expansion of the production area and the relocation of the company to 101 Lodowa Street in Łódź. The new, modernized warehouse was a three-story building, fenced and protected. This allowed the company to expand its operations to include the development and production of plastic packaging and to convert its machinery to Pex and Illig machines. The company's experience led to new orders and more complicated and extensive packaging services - the so-called co-packing services. Year after year, the number of employees and the company's turnover doubled.


In connection with the development, the company bought its warehouses with an area of 1200 m2 in Łódź at ul. Starorudzka 10/12. In the meantime, the cooperation with Gillette was developed, for which most of the promotions for the Polish and Southeast European markets have already been carried out. Thanks to the good position of the company on the packaging market, new customers were acquired, including Pollena Ewa, Rossman drugstores, Leaf International and many others. At that time, the main customer of our services, Gillette, was bought by Procter & Gamble. The company was faced with a huge opportunity and decided to take the trouble of change to become a contractual provider of packaging services for Procter & Gamble. To this end, it purchased a new building at 19 Nowe Sady Street and adapted its corporate structure and business model to meet Procter & Gamble's requirements. The building was divided into a high-bay warehouse with a capacity of 1100 Euro pallets, production, offices and social rooms. Everything is monitored and protected. All warehouse and production operations were handled by the Comarch CDN-XL computer system adapted to the E.T. business model. Ewa Tomczak and adapted to the needs of our customers. The company also decided to develop sophisticated food packaging processes for Leaf International. Therefore, the building and the organization of the company were adapted to the requirements of the HACCP system, and the implementation of the requirements of the standard ISO 22000 for the purpose of certification was started.


Thank you to the positive results of Procter & Gamble's audits, we have become the customer's official contractor. In June 2007, the company successfully passed the certification audit for compliance with the requirements of ISO 22000 and planned to further develop food packaging.


The development of the company forced the relocation of food packaging to the facility at ul. Nowe Sady 19, which was adapted according to the HACCP system. The company started to improve the organization, the building, including controlled storage and production conditions, and the machinery in order to meet the requirements of the maintained quality standards and the growing market demands, which was confirmed by the surveillance audit ISO 22000 and the BRC Food certification. The new building and the growing machinery expanded the clientele from the food sector and increased the volume of packaged food products.


The company has further perfected the production process. Thanks to EU funds, it received funding to introduce new technological lines for packaging open food products with low basis weight. Automatic multihead weighers and metal detectors were purchased to ensure safe food production. A system for internal control of the quantity of packaged goods (for the E-mark) was introduced and approved by the Regional Weights and Measures Office in Łódź. The company also received EU funds for the purchase of new computer equipment, servers, printers and an ERP system of IT class in order to modernize and automate the production processes and document flow in the company. The company also began working with Lego brand products, which required a positive ethics audit.


The main goal of the company is to introduce the Intense Platform and optimize the production process while reducing fixed costs. The goal was to increase production efficiency (while maintaining labor and environmental friendly work standards), develop and improve the workforce and machinery. The company continued to acquire new customers and remodeled the building to provide a completely "collision-free" process of packaging food and industrial products. The advanced, flexible and configurable IT Intense Workflow system integrated the ERP system and Optima, production, logistics, maintenance and quality control. It also enabled accurate reporting and document flow management.


Adaptation of building B to the building code and the needs of the company. Expansion - production hall and high-bay warehouse with the necessary infrastructure. Acquisition of a strategic customer for the process of packaging industrial products. The company was audited according to the standard ethical procedure Smeta 2P (SEDEX).


The production and storage part of building A was reconstructed, creating a space for packaging food under increased hygienic conditions. The room was equipped with the necessary infrastructure, including the IRTA packaging line, which enables an automatic system for packaging food products such as PillowBag and DuoBag.


Alignment of internal documentation with the new edition of the ISO 22000:2018 standard and introduction of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, increasing the confidence of current and potential customers, contractors and business partners. Other benefits include improved contact with other organizations and faster and more accurate responses to market needs. Thanks to clearly formulated procedures for carrying out activities and related instructions, the company can ensure and maintain organizational order at a constant level. In this way, the company also obtains more effective diagnostics and risk prevention, as well as risk management regulations.


Expansion of the company's office building to improve the quality of work of administrative staff and increase the quality of social facilities for all employees of the organization.